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Who I am?


I love setting up small home based businesses, and then finding ways to market them to the right audience. Mostly this involves online marketing, but not always.

I am a bald-headed 50 something, West Ham fanatic, with a morbid interest in the history of the Great War, and am a passionate advocate to ensure that children
of today learn all about the sacrifices those brave men made.


I'm also an opinionated, and outspoken critic of the justice system in Australia, particularly the ridiculously llight sentances that arehanded out to persistent violent offenders.

Having said that, I am firmly against injustice, and do not believe that the two ringleaders of the Bali Nine, should be executed. I will not condone the use of drugs, or

the notion of letting drug runners like these two boys off the hook, but they do not deserve to die for their crime.




Why I do what I do?

It is now over 100 years since, World War One began, and the world plunged into darkness.


Meglomaniac warmongers, like Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, hell-bent, on expanding their empires, pushed the world into a war, that in many ways, we are still paying the price for today.


Millions of young men sacrificed their lives, and endured unbelievable hell on the battlefields of four continents, particularly the Eastern and Western fronts of Europe.


I'm a strong advocate for all soldiers from this military disaster, particularly the ANZACs, and will ensure the legacy of their sacrifice is never ever forgotten.


Want to learn more about how you can Adopt an ANZAC?











What can I do for you?

My Life's Purpose, is to use my love, energy & integrity to give power & possibility to others to live their lives judgement free, kinder, full of potential & beauty.


I can show you how to create a passive income with your very own part-time home business.


I spent over 36 years in the advertising and marketing world, and owned or part owned an advertising agency, and a boutique creative branding studio, before setting up a small consulting firm, that created and marketed mobile optimised websites.


What I noticed over the past 10-15 years, was that there has been a very definate paradigm shift, from the more traditional advertising mediums of TV, Press and Radio, and while some of my contempories, buried their heads in the sand,  I began exploring the possibilities of online marketing.


I was fascinated and amazed by what this new world was offering, and so set about learning as much as I could.


That was five years ago, and boy what a journey that has been. I have learned many things about this particular industry, in so much that most of the big ideas out there, do not work,  and will only end in tears.


Yet, despite all that, I do know that, the right product, and the right marketing strategy, and it is possible for people to achieve their dreams.


So today I make sure I am aligned and associated with the right people of the highest integrity. industry leaders,  who are committed to helping others with training and mentoring.


I am affiliated with a team that provides professional internet marketing education, training, tools and resources to help ordinary people market their own internet business effectively.

Get in touch with Ash Morgan - Call +61 418 434 701
PO Box 6123, Kingston ACT 2604, Australia
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